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Different Types of Romantic Kisses

Kisses have the power to bind and behold your senses and take you both to the cloud nine. Kissing has always been the most wanted and appreciated thing in a relationship. They do magic when done in the right way. They define the passion of your love too. There are types of kisses that say a lot about your feelings and the depth of your love for your partner. Let’s put a light on them and understand the real meaning of kissing that you really enjoy. The different types of romantic kisses are mentioned here. Have a look on them.

French Kiss

The french kiss is done with the full involvement of tongues. It is one of the erotic types of kisses that make you lose your senses and want it more and more. Doing a french kiss is the best way to fulfill the romantic desires of your partner.

Single-Lip Kiss

The single lip kiss is a type of romantic lip kiss in which you enjoy sucking your partner’s single lip passionately. Such a way to kiss your partner shows how deeply you are in love with them. 

Butterfly Kiss

A butterfly kiss is one of the types of lip kisses that leave you and your partner a breath away. A blissful connection of your eyelashes expressing endless love for each other. It is a great stimulant that leads you to cherish a lot more.

Breath Kiss

In the passionate breathe kissing, feel the mellow breathing of your partner. Just start from the lips and lick their tongue softly. This is the style of kissing that makes you both lost in each other and enjoy the wonders of being in a relationship so deep.

Love Bites or Hickey

A hickey or love bite is a romantic love kiss that is done by leaving a mark on the skin. It is performed usually on the neck and arms. Biting is a part of the hickey that gives your partner the full pleasure of getting involved with you on kissing.

Neck Peck (Kissing on the Neck)

Neck peck excites your partner to get involved in a pleasurable intimacy. Especially, women love kissing on the neck. In the different types of kisses, the neck peck is the best one to create a romantic atmosphere and end up with a pleasurable session.

Wet Kisses

Wet kisses are open-mouthed kisses that are done with tongues. The wet kisses are the super romantic lip kiss that automatically arouses your partner sexually. So, get them excited by giving wet kisses and enjoy having a great physical connection.

Earlobe Kiss

Earlobe kiss is one of the types of kisses that are done by nibbling the ear on the earlobe. The best thing about it is that if you maintain love from a distance and meet your partner after a long time, then it will make you both forget everything and get lost in each other. 

Forehead Kiss

Giving a forehead kiss to your partner will act as a gentle reminder of your true love for your partner. You can put a kiss on his/her forehead every day to show your endless love for them. Your true love and passion make it more blissful for both of you.

Lick Kiss

Lick kiss is the type of lip kiss that is performed by pressing your partner’s lips against yours and lick them passionately. This lip kiss means licking each other’s lips with lips and stroking with tongues to show how much you love them.

So, these different types of kisses and their meanings are just enough to adore your partner and reward them with something extra in love. Perform the various types of kiss and enjoy couplehood every day.

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