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Motivational and Inspirational Quotes in Hindi & English

Sometimes, life takes you to a place where you need to motivate yourself to come back to the right path. Well, in such situations, motivational words work magically. Yes, inspirational words are something that penetrates your inner soul and gives you the strength to stand up again and chase your dreams. If you are feeling so, then you must go through some well-written motivational quotes in Hindi or English or any other language you can understand better. It will surely give you a direction to achieve your goals.

If you feel demotivated or unknown darkness in your life, then read out the magical success quotes online. In this world of technology, where everything is easily available to your doorstep, search for the best motivational quotes and give your soul some light of hope and encouragement. We bet it will change your life.

Positive quotes are like therapy for a broken heart and an upset mind. You can try to indulge yourself in short inspirational quotes. You will feel the differences. Immediately you can get rid of bad thoughts and feel motivated. Reading short encouraging quotes regularly will change your life completely.

So, if you find sadness around you or any of your dear ones needs a guideline to live a happy and healthy life, then make them read inspirational quotes or messages in Hindi. Definitely, it will resolve all their problems.

Motivational Quotes in Hindi

हृदय से अच्छे लोग
बुद्धिमान होने के बाद भी
धोखा खा जाते हैं, क्योंकि.......

वो दूसरों को भी.....
हृदय से अच्छे होने का
विश्वास कर बैठते हैं ....!!

सोच अच्छी होनी चाहिए क्योकि,
नजर का तो इलाज मुमकिन है पर,
नजरिये का नहीं !

*"मेहनत का फल*"
*"समस्या का हल*"
*देर से ही सही पर मिलता जरूर है..*

Sometimes We're Tested Not to Show Our Weaknesses,
But to Discover Our Strengths.

The Key to Success
is to Focus on Goals,
Not Obstacles.

Motivational and Inspirational Quotes in Hindi

दया, करुणा और प्रेम विहीन
मनुष्य से ज्यादा कुरूप कोई नहीं हो सकता !!

Yadi Hamari Neeyat Acchi or Maksad Saaf Ho

यदि हमारी नीयत अच्छी और मकसद सही हो तो,
किसी न किसी रूप में ऊपर वाला हमारी मदद करता है !!

Bharosa Rakhna us Rab Per















भरोसा रखना उस रब पर,
जो यहाँ तक लाया है आगे भी ले जायेगा !!

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