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Romantic and Love Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend

Love is an amazing feeling that everyone loves to feel at least once in his/her life. If you are in love and want to cherish every moment, then never forget to read love Shayari in Hindi for girlfriend. Romantic Shayari in Hindi is like a message you convey to your sweetheart without uttering a single word. You can make her feel your love through beautiful Hindi love Shayari. So, be a super romantic person and win your girl’s heart with a unique Mohabbat Shayari. By sending good morning to good night love Shayari, both of you can feel magic each day.

Dil love Shayari is one of the best gestures to make your darling ones feel truly loved on special occasions too. If it is her birthday, your date anniversary, etc. you can fill her soul by offering romantic love Shayari as a wonderful gift. In fact, Shayari on eyes can express a lot that you can’t even imagine. Well, you can make special romantic moments more appealing with the involvement of cute Pyar wali I love you Shayari.

Romantic Love Shayari for girlfriend is also the best way to express your one-sided love for your crush. Yes, if you are in one-sided love with a girl of your dreams, then don’t get upset about it. You can impress her with true love Shayari photo. An exclusive collection of one-sided love Shayari will help you to grow your love each day and make your girl understand it. So, whether you are in a one-sided love or enjoying the world’s best feeling with your girlfriend, new love Shayari for gf is for you all. You can read and write them anywhere, anytime to express your feelings fabulously.

Go through the best love Shayari image and feel love and romance all around you. These Pyar ki Shayari are going to change your world. Read them here and enjoy Sher Shayari fantastically.

Romantic and Love Shayari

Hoon main parvana magar koi shama to ho, raat to ho
Jaan dene ko hoon hazir, lekin tujhmein aisi koi baat to ho

Na raees hun na ameer hun
Na mai badshah na wazeer hun
Tera ishq hai meri sultanat
Ussi sultanat ka faqeer hun

Ab Tak Jo Baat Apke Dil Mein Thi,
Mera Dava Hai Hothon Pe Aa Jayegi

तेरी तस्वीर की तारीफ करने से भी डर लगता है,
कहीं जमाना जान ना जाये कि मैं तुमसे मोहब्बत करता हूँ!!

मेरे इस दिल को तुम ही रख लो ना,
बड़ी फ़िक्र रहती ह इसे तुम्हारी !

जो उसकी आँखों से बयां होते हैं,
वो लफ्ज़ किताबों में कहाँ होते हैं !

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