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Sad and Bewafai Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend

Hindi heartbroken Shayari is nothing but a soothing way to console your broken heart which is going through deep pain after a breakup. Doesn’t it? If you are the one who needs help to forget your girlfriend, then very sad Shayari in Hindi for girlfriend will be the best therapy for you. Yes, now it’s time to overcome an ocean of sadness and explore the beautiful world around you. And undoubtedly Bewafai and breakup Shayari in Hindi is going to help you a lot. So, take a deep dive into an endless ocean of sad love Shayari in Hindi for girlfriend.

Not only that, but if any of your close ones are suffering from the pain of a broken heart, you can advise them too to have a look at the beautiful dard gam bhari aur dil tod dene wali Shayari. Because emotional, heart touching, and alone Shayari in Hindi are like untold words that one can feel inside. If you have never experience the magic of Hindi sad love Shayari, then find it here. You will definitely cherish the moment when you read them all from the core of your broken heart. These alone and broken Shayari are also one of the best ways to convey your message to your girlfriend by keeping them on your Whatsapp status. Doesn’t it sound interesting to you?

What’s to wait now? Keep best sad Shayari for girls on your Whatsapp status and make her feel your emotions so deeply. Here you will get a new sad Shayari image with a sad Shayari photo so that you can express your heartfelt feelings in a better way. So, if you are looking for broken heart Shayari or quotes in Hindi, then you are at the right place. Here you can read Zindagi Sad Shayari and forget the pain given by your ex-girlfriend.

Girls! We have something for you too. If you feel broken then here you can find the best sad Shayari for boys and heal yourself. Well, either you are a girl or a boy who is feeling broken, this blog has something for you all. You can read Dosti sad Shayari too to give your mind an amazing feeling of peace and serenity.

Sad Shayari in Hindi for Girls

ताल्लूकात बढाने है तो कुछ बुरी आदते भी सीख लो !
ऐब ना हो तो लोग महफिलों में नहीं बुलाते !!

मैं हर पल झुका और लोग सज़दा समझ बैठे..
मैंने बस इन्सानियत निभाई पर लोग खुद को खुदा समझ बैठे…

ना जाने कितनी अनकही बातें साथ ले जायेंगे!
गलत कहते है लोग खली हाथ आये थे खली हाथ जायेंगे !

जो लोग आपके है,
वो हर हाल में आपके ही रहेंगे।।
जिन्हें जाना होता है,
वे बेवजह भी चले जाते है।।।।।

“जब भी दिल खोल के रोए होंगे,
लोग आराम से सोए होंगे।”

Jo Lamha Saath Hai

जो लम्हा साथ है उसे जी भर के जी लेना,
ये कम्बख्त ज़िन्दगी भरोसे के काबिल नहीं है !!

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