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  • Valentines Day Messages for Boyfriend And Girlfriend

    Valentines Day Messages - Share Your Feelings

    Every year, on 14th Feb, people celebrate the day of love, which is called "Valentine's Day". People send happy valentine day wishes to each other in different ways. Some couples celebrate this day by spending time together, sending cakes and flowers, and sharing valentines day messages.

    This is a romantic day and a wonderful chance to share your heart left feelings in the form of happy valentines day quotes for all days of valentine week. There are also various valentine gift ideas to express your love towards your loved ones. But sending love valentine messages is the best way to impress your partner.

    Valentine Message for Boyfriend

    Are you confused about choosing happy valentine day wishes quotes for your boyfriend or husband? Don't worry! Here, we have listed some romantic heart-touching valentine messages and quotes for boyfriend or husband.

    So read on and check out cute and heartfelt valentines day quotes for him.

    • I may not be your first date or first love, however, I simply need to be your last everything.
    • Every day, I fall in love with you more. I am so lucky to have an amazing and caring partner in my life.

    Valentine Message for Girlfriend

    As you know that Valentine's day is celebrated before the kiss and hug day valentine week. You should celebrate this day by making your girlfriend feel special by sharing a valentine message for girlfriend. Not only for couples, but You can also also celebrate this day by sharing valentines day quotes for friends.

    There are a lot of expensive gifts for her but some special happy valentines day messages will make this day memorable.

    • Much thanks to you for allowing me to love you. I'm lucky that you are mine. Happy Valentine's Day!
    • You are the only girl in my life. Happy Valentine's Day my love!
  • Valentine's Day Date 2022

    Want to know the exact happy valentines day 2022 date? Let us tell you that Valentine's day is always celebrated on 14 Feb each year. 14 Feb 2022 day will be the day of love or we can say that it is a lovers day.  The day on which the occasion falls changes however the date stays as before. 

    Love will be speeded all around with the upcoming valentine's day. The day is a special day to communicate your sentiments towards your significant other, sweetheart, spouse, beau, or soul mate. People start celebrating the day before a week ago. Valentine's day always comes before kiss day valentine week.

    History of Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day 2022, otherwise called st valentine's day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is a very well-known occasion that celebrates and praises St Valentine and offers thanks and love to darlings.

    Truly, Valentine's Day 2022 is said to have begun in Europe and advanced toward North America in the nineteenth century by British pioneers. It began as a Western Christian ritualistic feast day respecting holy people named Valentinus.

    The day began as a Christian feast regarding an early holy person in church called Valentinus and throughout the years has slowly changed to turn into a day to praise heartfelt love communicated with the giving of flowers, sweets, and Valentines day gifts.

    Valentine's week begins on the 7th of February always and every day of this week is going to share love and friendship. Toward the end of this love week before kiss day and hug day valentine week, Valentine's Day is celebrated.

    Love is such an amazing feeling, Nobody can stop true affection. Feb love days are filled with fabulous motions with heaps of feelings that a sweetheart conveys for their beloved.

    The most popular valentine day gift ideas are valentine's day flowers,(essentially the rose), chocolates and sweets. Moreover, people likewise paired these with different gifts of adoration to communicate friendship and love. 

    Who Was Saint Valentine?

    Valentine's Day is named after St. Valentine, who has become known as the patron holy person of beloveds. He was a fairly unique figure about whom little is known.

    Holy person Valentine was a priest – either a cleric or a priest – in the Roman Empire who helped persecuted Christians. He was martyred and his body was buried at a Christian burial ground on the Via Flaminia on February 14, which has been seen as the Feast of Saint Valentine.

  • World Happy Hug Day Date 2022

    International happy hug day date 2022 is February 12. This day signifies peace on all fronts. Hugs and cuddles represent warmth and that is the thing that connections ought to be. Celebrate the world hug day by giving a warm hug to each other. This is the best way to make your loved ones feel loved, cared and appreciated. Loved ones on this day are supposed to give at least one hug and let each other know how thankful they are.

    International Hug Day Date 2022

    Valentine's week starts on 7th Feb and hug day valentine week will always be celebrated on 12th Feb. Hug day is the day before kiss day valentine week.

    12 February hug day is among the most unique events of Valentine's week. Couples express this day's affect by hugging each other. Hugs seem to be a confirmation of care and love. You don't need to say anything on Hug Day; an action is stronger than words. In this way, Happy Hug Day 2022.

    Like any other feeling, there's a day committed to it. Hugs have one as well. This year, Happy hug day 2022 date is 12th Feb.

    Why Hug Day is Celebrated - History And Significance of Valentine Hug Day

    Valentine hug day is a yearly occasion dedicated to hugging. It was created by Kevin Zaborney. Hug Day is celebrated after Promise Day and before Kiss Day. If you want to express your feelings towards your husband, then you can buy promise day gifts for husband along with a warm hug or hug day special gifts. Hugs are a declaration of adoration and care. Hug day is considered one of the best days to show your love and care towards your partner.

    The idea of hug day to urge everybody to hug loved ones all the more frequently. A hug is an emotional charge that fortifies your immune system.

    Hug Day is regarded only two days before Valentine's Day. The hug day meaning would be obvious in its name. Happy hug day for lovers or friends is always very special. Couples and friends are obliged to receive at least one hug on this day. A hug is a demonstration of affection and security that causes your adoration to have a feeling of protection and gladness. Hugging someone for a long time can animate the creation of oxytocin in the brain, a synapse that promotes attachment and can cause us to feel much improved and feel better.

    Happy Hug Day 2022 to Everyone!

  • International Kiss Day Date 2022

    International kiss day is also known as world kiss day is a special day for couples. Kiss day is celebrated on 13th Feb every year. It is a day when couples kiss each other to make their love stronger and long-lasting.

    Happy Kiss day date 2022 is 13th Feb. It is the seventh day of Valentine's week and is popular mostly amongst teens, or newly committed couples. Happy kiss day is a day of love, romance, and affection. This day is all about giving a warm hug and kiss to your loved ones. This year, kiss day will be celebrated on Sunday.

    This is one of the best and romantic days of Valentine's week when you can express your deep feelings and true love towards your loved ones in a very romantic and caring way. You can also make this day special by giving your loved ones gifts and flowers along with a kiss. When you do all these things for your beloved, then this day would be very special and unforgettable for him/her.

    Why Kiss Day Is Celebrated- History Of Valentine Day Kiss

    Everyone knows that Valentine's Day is a day of love. Now, It's the ideal time to talk about why people kiss and how this whole idea of kiss day valentine week started to exhibit love and romance. Kisses are certainly not required from a simply regenerative angle.

    A hypothesis says that a kiss is from the cave dweller age. It is thought that in primitive times a mother pre-chewed the nourishment for her child and moved it 'in a kiss'. The kiss turns into a sign of love and caring among mother and kid and later between couples.

    Kiss Day is well-known as a golden and popular day of the whole Valentine's week because a romantic kiss can show your feelings in a better way. A romantic valentine day kiss is an excellent method of communicating what can not be said in words. A romantic lip kiss is an intimate expression of love and affection.

    Ahead of Valentine's Day, celebrate and embrace your affection for your partner by giving a little kiss on the cheeks or by sharing an energetic lip lock. There are various types of kisses. Different sorts of kisses are forehead kisses, lip kisses, french kisses, neck kisses, and earlobe kisses, etc.

    So enjoy this Kiss day with love, adoration, warmth, and romance. Shower the ones you love with all the happiness you can and make the day generally memorable and surprising.

    Happy Kissing Day!

  • Happy Promise Day Date 2022

    Promise Day Date 2022

    Promise day is the fifth day of Valentine's week. Promise day is one of the special days of Valentine's week. Promise day. Promise day will always be celebrated on 11 Feb. This year, happy promise day 2022 will be celebrated on Friday. 11 Feb promise day is observed as the World promise day.

    Valentine promise day is a significant day to make a true promise. So, take some time to wish your loved ones the heartfelt promises on this love promise day. This will not only make your relationship strong but also helps to get closer to your loved ones.

    Confused about what to say to your loved ones on promise day? Read on to find some of the best and promise day special quotes and sayings.

    It's a promise I’ll always be there for you my friend even if the whole world falls apart. This can be the best line for a happy promise day for friends. Apart from promises for friends, there are so many promise day promises for girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, etc. that you can make.

    Why Promise Day is Celebrated - History of World Promise Day

    A Promise Day is being celebrated for quite a long time in western culture, yet it is as of now celebrated in a modernized manner in pretty much every area of the nation. The History of the day is as yet unclear, however, it serves the best thing in between the lovers. People of all ages celebrate this day full of enthusiasm and love. When you make the best promise on promise day, then it creates a beautiful bond between couples and makes their relationships long-lasting and stronger. You can also give a beautiful valentines day teddy bear and gifts along with a promise.

    Promise day will be celebrated before teddy and chocolate day valentine week. Promise day is only a reminder to patch up your promises, repeat your pledges, duties regarding your loved ones. Promise Day is a magnificent chance to rethink, remake, reclaim and reproduce the enchanted power of deep love. It is an ideal time, only 3 days before Valentine's Day to affirm your adoration vows, amend past, misunderstandings, and begin everything once more with renewed life.

    So go ahead and make a promise. Send your promises and make your bond stronger and lifetime long with your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or any other special person in your life. You don't need to write long and lengthy paragraphs for promise day. Just be honest and express your true feelings towards your loved ones.

    Happy Promise Day 2022 to all!

  • Teddy Day Date 2021

    Teddy bear day 2021 falls on 10th February and the day is Monday. Every year, this day falls on the fourth day of the valentine’s week and celebrated by the couples by exchanging colourful teddies. 10 February teddy day is considered as the day of conveying the feelings of love and romance by offering cute little teddies. Teddy day comes after valentine week happy propose day and chocolate day. After giving roses, confessing love, and offering chocolates, lovers shower their beloved with soft toys just to make their partner realise how they truly care for their emotions.

    When is Teddy Day - 2021

    When love is in the air, why not the love birds express their feelings for each other in an adorable way? Well, Teddy Day is a precious day of Valentine’s week that makes lovers send cute teddies to their beloved and wish them a happy teddy bear day with warm feelings of love. From traditional to trendy ways, the love birds enjoy celebrating the love occasion like international teddy bear day, valentine’s day, etc. So, this year, let us come to know about when is the happy teddy bear day 2021 and what are its significance.

    Why Teddy Day is Celebrated

    The valentine week happy teddy day is nothing less than a day to express the true feelings of love and romance. A cute and adorable gift of love can bring a smile to your special one’s face and make them feel special. It is believed that girls love to keep teddies close to them as their best friend. That’s why their boyfriends or husbands go with this idea to show love and care for them. Teddies are the best gift of the happy teddy day for girlfriend, wife, etc.  Apart from this, girls leave their boyfriends or husbands speechless by offering valentines day teddy bear in their hands as their memory.

    Do you know that giving or receiving different colours of teddy bears signifies different meanings? Well, it is said that the colour of the cute teddy bears for valentines day lets you guess what will happen to you in the upcoming days of valentine’s week. Suppose you receive a red-coloured teddy from your special one. It means both of you have a strong emotional connection, whereas pink teddies let you know that your lover has accepted your proposal and wants to be with you for a lifetime. Orange-coloured teddies symbolise happiness, joy, and energy. Blue teddy ensures you that your partner is madly in love with you. So, it’s important to pick the right gift for the teddy day for boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. so that you can make them feel your love.

    Love birds also love to couple the cute teddies with valentines day chocolates, flowers, greeting cards, cushions, etc. to make it extra memorable and heartwarming.

    One more history of teddy day celebration is related to the US president. It is said that the teddy day is declared in the name of the US president Teddy Roosevelt. As he had ordered to design a teddy to honour his decision of not killing the animals.

  • Chocolate Day Date 2021

    The February month is named for love and companionship. From Rose Day to Valentine’s Day, each day is celebrated with enthusiasm and zeal. So, if you are a romantic person who is eagerly waiting for the love week, then make it extraordinary with roses, gifts, and of course, with chocolates too. Well, after celebrating the Rose Day and Propose Day, now it’s time to celebrate Chocolate Day. It is one of the most awaited days of the Valentine week. People of all age groups wait for Valentine Chocolate Day to give and receive a box full of love and sweetness. After exchanging Propose Day gifts, you can stir sweetness in your romantic relationship on Chocolate Day.

    When is Chocolate Day

    Happy Chocolate Day Date 2020 is 9th February and the day is Sunday. It falls on the third day of Valentine week. Every year, Chocolate Day is celebrated by offering special valentines Day chocolates to near and dear ones and wish them a very happy chocolate day. Celebrating this day also has a special meaning in a romantic relationship. No matter how old are you, you can express love for your partner just after offering Rose Day flowers and Propose Day gifts. Indulge your sweetheart in the sweetness of your pure love on such a special day on 9th February i.e. world Chocolate Day 2020 and cherish the moments to the fullest.

    Why Chocolate Day is Celebrated?

    International Chocolate Day 2020 looks forward to sweetening your bond and make you create sweet memories of this day to be cherished for the whole year. The significance of celebrating the Chocolate Day in Valentine’s week is Chocolates are the all-time favourite of everyone that can soothe the recipient’s soul and make them feel your love deep inside. Therefore, you can delight your loved ones by offering a bunch of chocolates as a token of love. The mind-boggling taste of chocolates makes expressing love easier for you. Its amazing taste faints everyone. You can wish a Happy Chocolate Day to your darling ones with delectable chocolates and expect their love and appreciation in return.

    Not only that, but delectable chocolates also have amazing health benefits that make it more acceptable as a gift. Chocolates spread positive vibes, enhance mood, improve memory, keep the heart healthy, make everyone feel happy, and many more. Keeping these benefits in mind, you can gift chocolates coupled with flowers, plants, greeting cards, rings, etc. on Chocolate Day in Feb. As chocolates speak your heart, you can make the Chocolate Day happy for girlfriend, boyfriend, etc. by confessing your love in a super romantic way.

    Moreover, 9 February Chocolate Day is world-famous for sweetening and strengthening your relationship, and look forward to happy and healthy love life together. So, to ignite the spark of never-ending love and romance in your relationship, ensure you have picked Chocolate Day special chocolates such as chocolate bouquet, homemade chocolates, chocolate boxes, hampers, etc. Choosing the best chocolates for Valentine’s Day will be a sure-fire way to pamper your special ones and take them to the beautiful world of love.

  • Propose Day Date 2021

    Valentine week, the loveliest week of the year. Yes, this week brings a golden opportunity for the lovers confess their love in different ways. This week consists of seven wonderful days to celebrate love. Couples start celebrating love from the very first day of the love week i.e. the Rose Day. On this day, lovers serenade their partners by offering roses. Then, Propose Day gives them a chance to confess their love for their partner. Lovers wait for this day to express their feelings for their partner or crush. This day allows them to let the person know what they feel for them. Well, we can say that there couldn’t be a better day than Propose Day to admit love for someone you adore.

    When Propose Day is Celebrated

    Do you know the utmost importance of celebrating the Propose Day? Why Valentine Propose Day is celebrated? Well, This day has its own significance. This day is the best day for the lovers to start a romantic journey with someone they feel for. Propose Day falls on 8th February every year. Happy Propose Day 2020 is on 8th February and the day is Saturday. Well, falling on the weekends make the World Propose Day 2020 extra special. You can take a day off and spend the whole day with your partner. You can wish them happy Propose Day without getting disturbed by others.

    Why Propose Day is Celebrated

    The Propose day is celebrated all over the world on 8th February, when lovers confess their love for their partners and ask them to start a new journey of life together. 8th February Propose Day is one of the big days for those who are going to ask their crush for being their partner and the lovers who are waiting for the right time to propose their partner for marriage. Well, it is one of the important days of Valentine’s week to take a relationship to the next level. The history of Propose Day is associated with western culture where people follow a specific pattern to propose their crush. When someone is head over heels for their special ones, then they would find no better chance to express their innermost feelings than expressing them on the Propose Day.

    Propose Day meaning is of utmost importance for the youths who want to dive in the ocean of love and come up with their dreams come true. This day brings lovers together, tie them in a romantic relationship, take their affair to the destination of marriage, etc. So, basically, Valentine’s week happy Propose Day is a day, which makes lovers come closer and tied in a knot of love for a lifetime.

    You can propose the man or woman of your dreams on this Valentine’s week Propose Day and make them say yes to you. Yes, it is said that if one proposes the person they like on Propose Day, they would definitely accept their proposal and say yes. So, you should not miss the chance to celebrate this day with your special one. You never know the Propose Day might fill your life with endless love for the lifetime. Additionally, you can opt for the heartwarming gifts for Propose Day for husband, boyfriend, friend, etc. to take them to cloud nine.

  • Rose Day Date 2021

    Rose Day is one of the most significant days of Valentine’s week. It is the very first day of the week of celebrating love, which falls on 7th February every year. Rose day date 2020 is 7th February and the day is Friday. It is a day celebrated by lovers with zeal and enthusiasm. They offer roses to each other and confess their heartfelt feelings for each other. Rose day 2020 allows the youngsters to express their innermost love for their loving partners or crush.

    When is Rose Day

    This day beholds a special meaning for the lovers. Many of them get a chance to start their relationship by offering roses on Rose day. Love begins with a beautiful confession that perfectly reflects the hidden love. Rose day meaning is of utmost importance to the couples, who are just going to start their relationship. Although, 7 Feb Rose day also fills the hearts with an abundance of love to start the Valentine week and make it special with each passing day.

    Valentine’s week consists of seven wonderful days to celebrate love in various ways. They are including Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, and then it’s Valentine’s Day. Rose Day is marked as the beginning of the love week.

    Why Rose Day is Celebrated

    Rose Day is important because this day leads to other romantic days of Valentine’s week and ends up on the day of love that is Valentine’s Day. On this day, people are meant to give roses to their special ones, which symbolises love. Traditionally, red roses are considered as the way to nurture romantic relationships, but the different colours of roses show different meanings. One can give yellow roses to show friendship, white roses to mark a new beginning, etc. So, offering roses and expressing feelings are the ways how to celebrate Rose Day.

    The history of Rose day is beautifully described as in ancient times, the Victorians have started the culture to express the unexpressed feelings by giving roses to each other. They considered it a way to communicate unspoken feelings. That’s why this day became quite popular as valentine rose day to express passionate love. For so many years, people follow the path of St. Valentine and spread love everywhere by celebrating Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s week rose day is just the beginning of expressing love and conveying love messages through roses.

    So, the world rose day 2020 brings you a beautiful start of the most romantic days of the year, which you can celebrate with your partner and make them feel loved. Even, you can go with a plethora of long-distance date ideas to make your valentine week remarkable. Start from sending roses online on Rose Day and surprise your partner with an awesome Valentine gift at the end.

  • Romantic Days of Valentine Week

    As Valentine’s week about to start, your heart feels with lots of plans to surprise your sweetheart in every way. Only hearing the name of the Valentine week fills your heart with a plethora of dreams and desires. Do you know the importance of each day of this romantic week that gives you a chance to adore your special ones with some extra love, gift, and surprises? Well, in this blog, you will come to know about the significance of celebrating the seven days of Valentine’s week. Let’s have a look on them.

    Rose Day

    Rose day is the first day of valentine week, which falls on 7th February every year. This day is quite popular among the lovers to serenade their partners with a bunch of beautiful roses. The beautiful red roses are the best selling flowers on this day.

    Propose Day

    Propose day is the most awaited days among all seven days of valentine week. It is a day that gives everyone a chance to propose their crush to be their valentine for the lifetime. Those who are already in a relationship take a step ahead in life on 8th February every year.

    Chocolate Day

    Chocolate day is also one of the crucial 7 days of valentine week. Yes, this day is famous for giving chocolates to each other and express love. This day is celebrated on 9th February. So, lovers grab the chance to celebrate some sweet moments with their partners on chocolate day.

    Teddy Day

    Teddy day is one of the seven days of valentine week to adore your partner by gifting cute teddies. On the 10th of February, couples get a chance to express their never-ending love for each other romantically. Giving teddies is a way to cuddle each other.

    Promise Day

    Lovers celebrate promise day on 11th February by making promises to their partners. Well, it is a day, which reminds you that how important your relationship is for you. This day makes lovers learn how to make commitments and fulfill them under any circumstance.

    Hug Day

    The warmest and purest form of showing love is giving a tight hug to your partner. The romantic February days are incomplete without celebrating the Hug day on the 12th of February. A warm hug shows that you are always with your partner and support them in every way.

    Kiss Day

    Kiss day is the most romantic days of the valentine week. It is celebrated on the 13th of February. On this day, couples embrace each other with kisses. Whether you get involved in doing a passionate lip kiss or a forehead kiss, all types of kisses help you to show your love perfectly.

    Valentine’s Day

    All romantic days finally lead up to Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February, on which couples show love for each other by giving gifts, having date nights, trying different types of romantic kisses, and many more. This day stirs some more love in a couple’s life.

    So, on Valentine week 2020, you must have celebrated valentine’s week passionately and felt the joy of being in a happy and healthy relationship, right? Well, if not, then take the ideas from here and celebrate all the upcoming romantic days of the valentine’s week with all love and passion. Good luck to you!

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